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4 Reasons Why You Should Always Revamp Old Content


An old adage ‘Old is gold’ seems to be a perfect depiction of the world of content. Though you might think that having ancient skeletons in the closet is a bad idea but it is always the best approach. If you want to know why then read on to discover:

Old content has more significance

The respect that your elders have in the family is exactly the respect that old content has in the SERP. Older content has a very strong page authority that increases its chances to show up at the top of a SERP when a prospective customer enters a query.

Pro tip: Don’t try to squander this benefit. If your old content is outdated and irrelevant then you might increase your bounce rate or lose clicks. This is the reason why you need to check your content regularly.

Why old content has more importance?

Old content has more importance than the new one because it is perfectly refined, credible, and possesses an experience of generating leads. But, there are some tricks that a content marketer should know to make successful conversions, and the professionals at Hamsol Solution are always present to guide the marketers to revamp their content in the best possible way. Having said, you can let the content strategists at Hamsol Solution help you generate more leads by clicking on the red-subscribe button at top-left.

Search trends keep changing

It is a universally acknowledged fact that search trends keep changing. The trends that were famous 5 years- or even 4 months ago- are completely different. The top search trends that were topping the charts in 2013 are no longer at the same position as they were before. Now, none focuses on the top 2013 search trends like Gangnam Style or Grumpy Cat though only a few years have passed. Still, there is no more hype about them. Such is the place this world of internet is!

Not only the search trends, even the way people are phrasing their queries have also changed and still being changed. The keywords that you use now to enter a query might be changed in a few years. This is exactly what is happening in the Google’s graph of trends.

Poor quality posts decrease the rankings

Poor quality posts destroy your rankings. This is the reason why it is important to have good quality posts and old posts mostly have the best quality. Having said that, if you look back at your old content and cringe, then you have to tweak your content a bit to make it look smooth and perfect. If you discover the pages that are stuffed with many keywords or fewer keywords, then it’s time to make a difference and bring a change in your old content strategies. However, keyword stuffing might help you gain a top slot in the Google’s search ranking list, but your chances for an increased bounce rate also rise. Google penalizes a website for creating pages that are jam-packed with multiple keywords or for creating pages just for the sake of having a plethora of pages.

Your writing style has gone through a complete evolution

It is an undeniable reality that your writing style has gone through a massive evolution and has changed entirely from what it once was. Your website’s tone, site organization, and favorite topics have been shifted from their old version. Try to take out time to make sure that all these elements align with your recent content strategy.


We hope that these reasons will provide you a strong footing to focus on revamping your old content time to time.

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